This version of The Rider Divider is designed to custom fit SUV's and Crossovers of any size.  There are 3 vertical notches for the velcro straps which are secured around each headrest to allow for ideal height adjustment. There are also horizontal sliding adjustable notches in each side panel which allows for custom width adjustment. There are no exposed holes within the acrylic. The velcro straps are covered with an overlying acrylic panel to ensure rear passengers can not remove the barrier. The Rider Divider includes all items pictured above including necessary assembly bolts, nuts, and washers. The Rider Divider can be easily assembled by 2 people within 5-10 minutes. After initial assembly the barrier can be easily installed/removed within seconds. There is a manual included with each Rider Divider demonstrating proper assembly.

SUV & Crossover Rider Divider (Universal)

SKU: 0001
  • The Rider Divider is made of 0.25" thick clear acrylic. Acrylic requires specific cleaning protocols to prevent corrosion and scratches. Use only a very soft microfiber damp cloth with mild soaps/detergents(castile soap, baby shampoo, Woolite, or Dreft). Avoid using paper towels as they may cause scratches. NEVER use any scouring compounds or chemical cleaners such as ammonia based products Windex or other glass cleaners (even if they are environmentally friendly, organic, or non-scented). Should anything ever stick to an acrylic surface (such as an adhesive label or gummy substance) do not use any type of solvent. Never use the same cloth that you clean other household items with- it can retain dirt, grit, and chemical residues that may harm your acrylic. We recommend using a new or separate cloth for your acrylic care. After wetting the cloth lightly blot the surface rather than applying too much pressure as you wipe. After you have wiped the entire piece of acrylic, use the dry side of the cloth to buff the area and remove any lingering liquid or suds. However, scratches do happen but don't worry. Unlike other materials, most scratches can be easily removed with Novus polish products.


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