Our Story

The idea for The Rider Divider was conceived during the Covid-19 crisis. My brother who was driving for Uber/Lyft was frightened by the idea of allowing strangers into his car amidst a global pandemic. After extensively searching for a product to solve this problem, my father and I discovered that a satisfactory product did not exist. The original model was created in our home garage and installed inside my brother's vehicle. We quickly discovered that The Rider Divider made my brother and his passengers feel much safer. The Rider Divider has since been installed for numerous customers including vehicles for luxury Rideshare services such as Alto (link below). The Rider Divider is the perfect solution for Rideshare drivers looking to protect themselves from communicable respiratory pathogens or potential physical harm from unruly passengers. The Rider Divider also works very well to prevent driver/pet distractions. The Rider Divider has been designed to be easily cleaned, visually appealing, custom fit vehicles of any size, and installed/removed within seconds.  We look forward to providing The Rider Divider to customers across the United States