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The Rider Divider

The patent pending Rider Divider is a vehicle partition that provides safety for drivers and passengers. The Rider Divider is the perfect solution for Rideshare drivers looking to protect themselves from respiratory diseases or physical harm from unruly passengers. The Rider Divider also works very well to prevent driver/pet distractions. The Rider Divider is well made, easily assembled, and visually appealing. There are two seperate versions of The Rider Divider. One of which universally fits Sedans and the other which universally fits SUV's and Crossovers. The initial assembly takes around 10 minutes and then can be installed/removed on a daily basis within seconds.

Why are we superior to our competiton?

-Each Rider Divider unit is hand crafted in the USA

-Composed of 0.25" thick acrylic for increased impact resistance

-100% acrylic which is at least 10 X stronger than glass at half the weight

-Scratches less easily than polycarbonate and scratches can be buffed

-Designed to attach to headrests with commerical grade velcro straps

-Straps are covered so that partition can only be removed from the front seat

-Adjusts to fit vehicles of all sizes

-Easily installed and removed in seconds

-Each unit is vigorously inspected prior to shipping

-The vehicle barrier of choice for Alto rideshare service

Our Products

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